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Meetup#30 - Advanced React Component Patterns by Siddharth Kshetrapal

In this talk, Siddharth talks about Higher order components used in React.

Meetup#31 - Data-driven UI with React by Deepak Grover

Building real time apps with React, GraphQL and Apollo by Kiran Abburi

In this talk, Kiran will be guiding us on building real time apps with React, GraphQL and Apollo.

Meetup#31 - Advanced React Patterns by Vinit Jain

Meetup#30 - Akkad Bakkad with React Components by Lakshya

Lakshya, Principal Engineer at Treebo Hotels, shares his experiences with A/B testing in react Twitter:

Meetup#31 - setState usage and gotchas by Nitish

Meetup#30 - Introduction to React & Redux by Pragya and Varsha

Slides: Twitter:

Meetup#30 - Why are you punishing me? By Kamlesh Chandnani

Slides: Github: Twitter:

Middleware for Redux - A DIY guide by Abinav Seelan

Abhinav guide us through using Middleware for Redux apps.

Anatomy of JS module systems and building libraries by Kamlesh Chandnani

Kamlesh talks about Anatomy of JS module systems and building libraries.

Meetup#30 - Maintaining Sanity in a large redux app by Nitish

Nitish shares his experience on maintaining sanity in a large redux app Twitter:

Meetup#30 - GatsbyJS by Jaikanth Kumaran

GatsbyJS is a blazing fast static site generator for react, In this talk, Jaikanth talks about how to build a blog with gatsby Twitter: ...

Immutable patterns in React and Redux by Nitish

In this talk, Nitish will guide us through Immutable patterns in React and Redux.

Web Push Notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging by Himadri Ghosh

Himadri talks about Web push notifications and Firebase cloud Messaging.

Deep dive into react router v4 by Souvik Basu

Souvik Basu will talk about the react router v4 , with react router v4, everything is just components.

Custom transitions with React Navigation by Kashish Grover

Talk given by Kashish Grover at react-native #06 event.

Tips to reduce your apk size by Peter Lazar

Talk given by Peter Lazar at react native #06

Building Realtime App in React Native using WebSocket and Redux by Mayur

Talk given by Mayur at react-native #06

React Accessibility by Vyshnavi

React Accessibility talk given by Vyshnavi at React meetup #45

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